Tinmouth Mountain School

Telephone: 802-786-3997

Principal: Jenn Galusha-Brothers


Tinmouth Mountain School is the “A small school with a big heart.” As an integral part of Tinmouth, it’s one of the notable buildings within the town. The school’s old-fashioned charm fits perfectly with the surrounding aesthetics, but within its walls, innovative education is the norm.

Opened in 1782, TMS serves Pre-K through 6th grade. Dedicated and experienced community members and staff work with our students to discover the key to unlocking each child’s potential. Just as the classroom is expanded to encompass the great outdoors, the opportunities for learning are expanded through projects and activities that engage students’ creativity and nurture their ability to learn. 

TMS offers place-based, outdoor education that includes child-centered, hands-on projects and activities designed to create a sense of stewardship for the environment. A wilderness focus is Tinmouth’s contribution to the Trailhead initiative of the Mill River Unified Union School District. We believe children learn best through community service and integrated curriculum that fosters independent learning, critical thinking, and high standards. In 2019, the school put the finishing touches on the Grant C. Reynolds’ Wee Folk Playground, an outdoor space where children are encouraged to explore the intricacies and beauty of their natural surroundings. At TMS, we are committed to getting students outdoors and into great adventures.